Welcome to Alive and Well

This section is the foundation of your plan. It’s the first step in securely and safely building a great plan for you.

Let’s start with some basic information questions. *NOTE: Everything you share here is securely held in the strictest confidence and nothing here is ever shared.

Just a few things to not about this part of the process.

Fill out your first and last name as you would on any form. If you normally don’t use your middle name, or you go buy a shortened version of your first name feel free to use that here.

When we ask for your legal name or formal name though, make sure you use the one like on your driver’s license or birth certificate.

Regarding Marital Status, if you are not or are no longer legally married but have a life partner that you’ll want to include in the planning process please select the corresponding description.

Responding to the question about children – choose Yes if you have any that you are legally responsible for now that you’ll need to plan for in the future.