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There are 2 types of marketing that just don’t work. Or at least they won’t give you the kind of long-term growth and profitability that your company and the work you do to deliver your product or service, deserves.

#1: No Marketing

The right marketing is designed to help you grow your business automatically. It’s providing a framework where potential clients find you, build trust in you and your product and then does 3 even more important things:

#2: Fractured Marketing

Fractured Marketing is the collection of false starts, money-wasting short-term efforts and jumps into the deep end of using contractors for a fractured part of the marketing universe. Business owners and C-Suite executives often have one of the following stories that are examples of Fractured Marketing:

What happens in Fractured Marketing is a kind of downward spiral. One thing doesn’t work right away so you try another, and another, and then you circle back around to #1: No Marketing.

This all leads to:

ClientsFIRST Marketing is driven by the idea that marketing is part of the WHOLE business.

And that doing NOTHING or just ONE THING results in failure.

Like the 75% of clients in the past year that had contact forms that either didn’t work or notified people that no longer worked there.

Like the local private school that had full classes, but was losing money because of the way they charged for their products.

Or the company that had gone through more than one Social Media marketing firm (fractured!) and literally got nothing for their investment. Because it was unattached to any overall lead capture or monetization strategy.

And of course, the owner-operators that have to ignore incoming calls anyway because they’re constantly on the job site – and there are no automation or systems to back them up while they’re busy.

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Take THESE Steps to Change Everything

If the answer is Growth, Leads, Image Enhancement, and/or just to avoid the FOMO – on sales, revenues, profits, or prestige, you’re in the right place.

It could be just a website and business cards, but it might be more than you think.

  • Where do your customers learn about you, see your company image, whether you want them to or not?

In other words, when a customer calls, fills out a form, or meets you in person, what happens next?

Finally – Contact US for a free 30-minute call to review these 3 things.

During that call, we’ll see if it makes sense for us to work together. And I promise you’ll end up with at least 3 things you can do YOURSELF to improve your marketing.

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